First Time User

How to access your learning account

  1. Contact to request to create your account
  2. Access the Learning Portal via Google Chrome browser
  3. Enter the user name and password provided (as a general rule, your default user name will be your full IRC email address, and ‘learning’ is the default password)
  4. Click “Login”

***Please note that your default username and password will not work unless you contact first to activate your account.***

Check your system compatibility

Click here to test your system compatibility with Skillsoft courses. Allow Java application to run.

If you are missing one or more components, contact your IT focal point or for support.

How to change your password

  1. Click the User Profile icon on the top-right corner
  2. Select the Change Password tab
  3. Type in ‘learning’ on the top row and your new password in the subsequent rows

Note: Your new password must contain at least 8 characters

How to find courses

The IRC Learning Portal consists of more than 500 courses.  Two methods to search four course …

Via Catalog Browser:

  1. Mouse over LEARNING CENTER tab and select Catalog Browser
  2. Select ‘IRC’
  3. Select the topic of your choice

Via Catalog Search:

  1. Under Keywords, type in the topic of your choice
  2. Locate the course that most fits your learning need

Guideline for e-learning

  • Identify your learning needs: Think about your job responsibilities and identify areas in which you would like to enhance your skills. Explore additional ways you could contribute to your department or program unit that would be needed to accomplish this. Consider your future career interests and identify the knowledge and skills that are needed to support your career goals.
  • Talk to your supervisor about your learning needs and schedule follow-up discussions: Discuss your learning needs with your supervisor and together identify learning goals. As you choose eLearning courses to meet your goals, tell your supervisor what you hope to learn in a particular course, discuss what you learned and how it applies to your job responsibilities or future career goals. Ask for your supervisor’s support in transferring what you learned to your on-the-job activities.
  • Schedule your eLearning just as you would any instructor-led training course: Schedule time on your calendar to take your eLearning courses and make a commitment to protect this time. To minimize distractions for yourself, turn off your email notification while you are taking the course. Post an “eLearning Course in Progress” note at your work cubicle or office door and indicate when you’ll be available again. In order to minimize distractions for your colleagues, use a headset, if available, to hear the audio portion of a course.
  • Develop your learning support network: The advantage of eLearning is that you can choose from a wide variety of courses and learn independently at your own time and pace, not at the time, place and pace of a scheduled training event. The disadvantage is that you are learning on your own, without the support of a live instructor and fellow students. It has been shown that eLearning is most effective, when it is combined with discussion and reflection about what you have learned. Therefore, in addition to discussions with your supervisor, consider developing a learning support network of coworkers and other colleagues. Agree, for example, that two or three of you will take the same course and then have a reflection session about the key learning points.

How to self-enroll into a course

After you have located the course that you would like to take:

  1. Click on the Course Title
  2. Select Enroll
  3. Select Confirm enrollment
  4. Select Launch the course
  5. You can access this course again under the Enrollment section

Note: You can also click My Learning under LEARNING CENTER to access all your Not Started and In Progress courses.

How to access your course completion history

Use My Learning History under LEARNING CENTER to access your enrollment and course completion history (can be printed).