Speexx: Online Language Training


Speexx Basic is an award-winning, flexible online self-study course, allowing you to effectively refresh and improve your language skills*.

Speexx is highly interactive, extremely robust, and uses an immersion style of learning.



  • Speexx Basics is only available to IRC staff with IRC Learning Portal’s account.
  • Learners will see a window that must be kept open while they work in Speexx. If they close that window it is possible that some of their work will be lost.

Top Tips

  1. Watch the demo
  2. Use the ALT key to translate the instructions
  3. Close all windows except the LMS**
  4. Find a quiet space, if possible
  5. Use Internet Explorer if possible

Get Started

Watch the demo in the language you speak, this will teach you how to navigate the software.

After watching the demos, we recommend bookmarking the FAQs page for reference while you take the course.


Language Options

  • English with interface in English, Spanish and French
  • Spanishwith interface in English and French
  • French with interface in English and Spanish

Creating Your Profile

Speexx operates outside of the LMS. Enroll in the Speexx language course of your choice via your IRC Learning Portal’s account. Learners will see a window that must be kept open while they work in Speexx. If they close that window, it is possible that some of their work will be lost.

When creating your Speexx profile, you will be asked to create a nickname. Note that this nickname must be unique across all Speexx users. You may not get your first choice of nickname, but keep trying.

Placement Test

If you are brand new to the language, skip the placement test!

The placement test consists of exercises that increase in difficulty. The higher your level, the more exercises you will be asked to solve and the longer the test will take.  Time: up to 60 minutes for advanced students.

Once you complete the placement test, enroll in the suggested course, which will display when you finish the placement.

System Requirements

To ensure complete functionality, the learner’s computer should meet the following requirements:

  • Courseware: Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP, Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome; Mac OS X (min. 10.6), Safari; Java 1.6 or higher; sound card [As Chrome disabled/removed Java in April 2015 we recommend using IE.]
  • Karaoke: Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP, sound card
  • Virtual Classroom: Flash Player Plug-in 11.2 or higher
  • Mobile Vocabulary: iOS 4, Android 2.3 or higher [Note on tablet/phone- While they will play on tablets, our testing has shown that the software works best on a computer or laptop.]
  • Microphone/Headset
  • High-speed internet connection

First Time User

  1. Enroll in the Speexx language course of your choice via your IRC Learning Portal’s account
  2. Access the course via Internet Explorer and press ‘Click here to start your course’
  3. Create your Speexx’s profile
  4. Allow Speexx Launcher to install
  5. Access the course
  6. Calibrate your sound and recording devices


Check Your System Compatibility

Virtual classroom test room: https://speexx.adobeconnect.com/test-room-en/ 

Video tour: http://www.speexx.com/portal/media/SoftwareDemo/DemoStart.htm

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X (min. 10.7.3), Safari;
  • Java 1.6 or higher
  • Karaoke: Windows 8, 7 or Vista
  • Virtual Classroom: Flash Player Plug-in 11.2 or higher


Can I participate if my PC / laptop does not have a sound card?

Of course, but you will need a headset with an integrated soundcard or a USB soundcard. You can then use the language learning software with all its functionalities, including the speech recognition tool.

Can I access the language course outside my workplace?

With your personal username and password, you can access your language course from any PC with an internet connection.

Windows Vista/7: Trusted Sites

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, you need to add the login page to your “Trusted Sites”.

In Internet Explorer, click “Tools” and then click “Internet Options”, click the “Security” tab. Click “Trusted Sites” (a big green check mark) and then click “Sites”. In the “Add this site to the trusted zone box”, you should see https://portal.speexx.com (if not, you can type it in). Click “Add”, then “Close”, and then “OK”.

How can I check my progress?

Your IntelliPlan displays all the results you obtained in the completed exercises, including your pronunciation scores:

  • Red symbol: 0% – 49%
  • Yellow symbol: 50% – 79%
  • Green symbol: 80% – 100%

How do I translate unknown words in an exercise?

Just right-click on any word in any exercise to see a translation. To listen to the pronunciation of a word, click on either of the two speaker symbols in the translation field. Please note: English courses with an English userface do not offer a translation. You can, however, listen to the pronunciation of the word.

How do I translate the Video Tutor’s instructions?

To translate the Video Tutor’s instructions, press the ALT-key.

How can I see the mistakes I made in a particular exercise?

Click on “Correction” in the menu bar to see your mistakes. Alternatively, give your Video Tutor a voice command. Your Video Tutor will let you know if you are asking for a correction before you have solved all sections of the exercise. If, however, this is what you want, just click on “Correction” again (or repeat the voice command) and the exercise will be corrected.

How can I print out exercises from the course?

To print out exercises, right-click on the exercise you wish to print in the IntelliPlan. A pop-up menu will appear. Choose “Print” to print the selected exercises as a learning document.

How can I use the software to practice my pronunciation?

Once you have solved an exercise correctly and the mouse pointer has changed to a microphone symbol, you can practice your pronunciation. As soon as you click on a sentence, it will appear in a mini language lab next to the Video Tutor. When the light under the Video Tutor is red, say the sentence into your microphone.

Your results show how well your pronunciation matches that of a native speaker. 80% or more means your pronunciation is very good!

Can I change the speed of the dialogue in the photo story?

You can adjust the speed of the dialogue by sliding the yellow diamond at the bottom of the screen to the left (to go slower) or the right (to go faster). Double-click on the yellow diamond to reset the speed to its normal setting.

Where can I find more information on grammar?

The grammar explanations you will need to solve the exercise are provided in the grammar box in the exercise. The words marked in blue are hyperlinks and provide additional information relating to the topic. Just click on these links to view the texts.

A comprehensive overview of the grammar rules as well as exercises sorted according to topic is available in the “Grammar Center”.

How can I switch off the Video Tutor?

In the options menu, click on “Video Tutor”, and select “Off”. This will deactivate your Video Tutor.