USP Information Systems Training

This series of self-paced modules and videos is designed to provide new and current users with guidance on working with USP’s information systems, IRIS and ETO. Below is a list of topics currently available, along with links to access each.

> Introduction to IRIS and ETO

This 25-minute module provides an overview of USP’s information systems, IRIS and ETO, and how they are used in case management activities such as pre-arrival processing, post-arrival case noting and reporting.


  • Describe the role of IRC’s USP information systems in tracking R&P and Matching Grant service delivery to clients
  • List the pre-arrival processing and post-arrival reporting tasks that are managed in IRIS
  • List the basic features of ETO designed to support case management

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> Tracking Service Delivery in ETO

This 30-minute module covers steps involved in tracking activities in ETO throughout the service delivery period.


  • Use ETO TouchPoints to record activities during the R&P and Matching Grant service periods to capture the full story of the resettlement experience
  • Describe methods to ensure the quality, integrity, confidentiality and security of client data in IRIS and ETO

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> Tracking Immigration in ETO

This 25-minute module covers steps involved in enrolling and tracking services provided to Immigration clients. 


  • Enroll a new or existing client (already in ETO) in the Immigration program
  • Update client demographics, address, and contact information
  • Record an initial assessment for a new client
  • Document the filing of an application or provision of an immigration service
  • Case note various activities or client interactions (such as, Application Preparation, Application Follow-Up, Referral for Services, etc.)
  • Close out a case

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> Working with the Families Feature in ETO

This 6-minute video covers steps involved in creating a Family in ETO and recording the Immigration Initial Assessment and Immigration Application and Services TouchPoints.

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> Tracking RHS-15 and B2S in ETO

This 10-minute video covers steps involved in enrollment, recording screenings and tracking services provided to clients as part of the Safety and Wellness program in ETO. 


  • Enroll R&P clients in the Safety and Wellness program
  • Record the RHS-15 screening
  • Record the B2S screening
  • Case note referrals and other activities and services in ETO

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