Introduction to Program Management Tools

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What does this training cover?

This training covers several basic tools for managing activities and budgets at the field program level. Here are the topics covered in this training:

Project Management:

  • LogFrames
  • Proposal Narrative and Grant Agreement
  • Workplans and Procurement plans
  • Grant Operations Meetings
  • Indicator-based monitoring
  • Grant reports

Budget Management:

  • Finance codes and Expenditure Listings
  • Grant budgets
  • Budget narrative
  • BVAs
  • Spending plans

What are the objectives of the training?

In each case, the objective of the training is that you become familiar with each tool and are able to use them in your work as an IRC Manager. In some cases, you will need to be able to make the tools from scratch (workplans, spending plans, performance objectives, etc.). In some cases you will only need to be familiar enough with the tools to help assist your program Coordinator to make them (LogFrames, grant budgets). And in some cases the tools will be made entirely by other staff, but you need to be able to use those tools in their work (BVAs).

Who is the target audience for this training?

The tools, and the level of the training, have been selected based on the responsibilities of field program Managers. The principal target audience is new Managers, or senior Officers who are ready to move to a Manager‐level position. Operations Managers will also be able to use many of the tools. The training might able be useful for senior Managers or new Coordinators, to make sure that they are familiar with IRC terms and practices.

How to use this training?

The best format is for one of your supervisors – your Field Coordinator, or maybe your Deputy Country Director – to host a training series. You will learn much more his way, so you should try to participate in an organized training if there is one. However, it might not be possible for your country program to organize a group training right now. In that case, you can go through the training modules on your own.

How to incorporate these tools in your work?

These tools are meant to be used by you, a program Manager. Some of them are complicated, and it might take a while to learn them and to start using them properly. If you are taking this training by yourself, do not rush through all the different tools. You might want to do one session each week. Take plenty of time to view the videos, watching them twice if you need to. Then study the examples so that you understand how they work. Discuss each one with your supervisor so that you know how he/she would like you to use the tools. Then, take a week to start developing the tool for your team and using it in your work. Once you are comfortable with one tool, you can then start learning a new one.