eCornell Learning Opportunity

IRC is pleased to be able to offer classes to IRC employees at a deeply discounted price of US$45 per seat. The retail price for each eCornell seat is more than US$700. You can also request IRC to purchase a seat for you.

General Information

eCornell courses provide an engaging learning experience through a combination of rigorous and relevant coursework, enriching facilitation by subject-matter experts, and Structure FlexibilityTM to enable you to work when and where it is convenient for you. eCornell courses are authored by renowned faculty from Cornell’s highly-rated Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Topics include a variety of leadership, management essentials, human resources and finance. The courses can be combined to create certificates in specific areas from Cornell University; courses also provide continuing education units. These are blended courses which provides students remote access to live instructors, discussion sessions with other students, and online materials.

Format of the Class

eCornell offers its courses in an asynchronous format during a pre-determined two-week time frame. Students do not have to be on the computer at a specific time of day; but must complete the work within the course period. This means that the learner completes assignments with the class, participates in mandatory discussion boards, interacts with instructor, and may attend office hours with the instructor.

The students must have:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • Strong fluency in English.
  • Between 10-20 hours available over a two week course session.

What to Expect

Plan on a LOT of reading and a LOT of homework. An average class takes 10-20 hours to complete. It is not unusual for instructor to return homework to a student and ask for revisions on the assignment to successfully complete the course. Students are required to participate in the group discussions (through a discussion board). It’s helpful to complete the eCornell profile to interact with fellow students.

How to Register for eCornell Courses

Staff can purchase eCornell courses themselves at a deeply discounted price.

  1. To register for eCornell courses go to the LINGOS(cc) & eCornell registration site:
  2. Select a course that you would like to enroll in by clicking on the Enroll Now > link to the right of the course. You can read the course description by clicking on the title of the course.
  3. Select the start date that best aligns with your schedule. Each course costs US$45.
  4. Select Keep Shopping to add more courses to your list or Continue Checkout when you are done.
  5. Select Continue Checkout. For New User, use your email address as your primary email address.
  6. Update your eCornell Profile information.
  7. Under Associated Groups section, type in G000389 and select Add Group.
  8. Read and type in your initials in the Privacy Policy boxes then select Continue Checkout.
  9. Fill in your credit card information (American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard accepted). Note: If the cost for your eCornell course(s) will be carried by your program/unit, you will need to process the reimbursement through your office/department.
  10. Under the Questionnaire section, select IRC.
  11. Read and check the Policy Confirmation box and select Continue Checkout.


Drop/Transfer Policy

Drop – If a student is requesting to drop out of a course the request must be made prior to the start of the course. Please note that all courses are considered started at 12:01am Eastern Time (US) of the course start date. All drop requests must be made by email to

Transfer – If you initiate the process no later than 5 pm ET of the day prior to the start of your course, you may request to transfer to a different start date.

  1. Log in to your eCornell “Student Portal.”
  2. Click the “Enrollment History” link.
  3. Under “My Courses” click the “Request Transfer” link next to the appropriate course title. If you don’t see an option to “Request Transfer” or if you have any difficulty, please contact the accounting department at



eCornell provides seats to employees of LINGOs member agencies in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Strategic Management – designed to enable mid- and senior-level managers and executives to build their business management skills.
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting – designed to enable participants to interpret financial information, assess the costs and benefits decisions, and communicate operational and financial strategies.
  • Human Resources Management – designed to build the skills critical to the success of the HR professional.
  • Management Essentials – designed to develop key supervisory, management, team-building, and change-management skills.
  • Project Leadership and System Design – designed to develop the critical leadership skills necessary to lead teams to success.

Learners may choose to pursue the certificate programs by completing a series of courses. Possible certificate programs include:


To see the full course schedule, go to